Is Archery A Sport?

In a world where all kinds of sports are being included as Olympic events, Archery is an old sport that has been one since the first Olympics. Though some might say that it is just a hobby, those who have tried it know beyond a doubt that archery is indeed a sport.

Archery requires training and practice not just for accuracy but also endurance. It uses up a lot of energy so before you can compete in major tournaments, you must train within your means to avoid getting exhausted easily. Just like other sports, there are beginner and advanced classes so you can build up your skill over time.

If you have good aim and concentration, then archery will be easy for you to learn. A strong arm isn’t the only requirement. You must have good focus and vision to be able to hit your target every time, no matter how big or small it is.

Archery can also be used for self-defense purposes when you are in danger. It’s important that you know how to handle a bow and arrow so if the need arises, you will be ready to defend yourself using the weapon you are most comfortable with.

With all these benefits, it makes sense why archery was included as an Olympic event many years ago. It has high levels of participation, unlike some sports which struggle to find local support among people of different age groups and gender. Archery is for everyone; young or old, boy or girl can learn archery not just for an Olympic event but also to learn how to defend themselves and appreciate the beauty of nature.

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